Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Change of Eye Colour

When Tingle first arrived I tried every set of eyes that I had on hand. I liked these brown ones the best but they were the full round type and had huge stem like protrusions sticking out the back. Those stems were too crowded in her small head and prevented the head back from fully closing so I chose a different colour.

I was repositioning Flame's eyes today (also the stem type) and accidentally made a discovery. Those eyes are two piece and the stems can be removed leaving just a half round eye. With that option available I switched from the default eyes she was wearing to these brown ones which I liked better. I also added a set of eyelashes while I was at it.

I still went ahead and ordered her some new eyes today, catching the last day of a 40% off sale at Masterpiece Eyes. They will be a similar colour but the iris will be one size smaller allowing for more flexibility in eye position and expression. 

Tingle's top, leggings, and shoes were all a gift from Ban of Ban's Boutique

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A New Batch

I've sewn another batch of hanging kitchen towels to replace those that have become worn and stained over the past year or so. I keep one hanging close to the sink in the kitchen and use it for drying my hands.

I've had various styles with crocheted tops before, but I prefer these sewn ones as they hang neater.

Six is more than enough even though I change them daily. I could probably get away with about 3 since I never have a backlog of laundry. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

21 Snaps!

I spent some time this past week sewing for my granddaughters' 17", "Frightfully Tall, Monster High" dolls.

I used "Easy T-Shirt and Pant", a DGRequiem sewing pattern available via Etsy.

I used scraps of fabric I already had on hand, and thread from my stash as well. 

The 3 pairs of pants and six shirts (one outfit is not shown, but is identical to the one below) were quite fun to sew except for one thing ---

--- or maybe that should be 21 things! Sewing 21 tiny snaps on was a bit of a drag.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Week 6 of the Dogwood Photography Challenge:

Artistic: CANDY! Your artistic interpretation this week should be inspired by something sweet. A great chance to play with macro photography.

I think I'll chose this first photo as my entry for the challenge. Of all of them it's the one that is most focused on the subect, which was "candy". 

I really like this second photo too. It highlights some of the pieces of my grandmother's vintage children's faux crystal tea set. It's real glass. How she managed to not break it playing with it as a child in the 1910 - 1920 era is beyond me! I only had it out on a display shelf and managed to break the lid to the butter dish. 

I like the simplicity of this third photo,

And the way the scalloped edge of grandma's little butter dish frames the candy in this one.

This last one wasn't even in the running though I liked the pattern it forms. The outer ring of candy is not in focus. The centre candy is on a tall glass and the depth of focus was just too deep to get everything at once.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Busier Than It Seems

When I have these long lags between posts it must seem to my regular readers that I haven't been up to much lately. In actual fact it's usually the opposite --- I've been so busy that I haven't taken the time to post!

Lately I've been sewing a lot more than usual. I've not only sewn a pair of jeans and a corduroy and fleece vest for myself, (neither have been photographed yet), but I've been sewing a few things for my granddaughter's dolls as well.

These two high/lo dresses were not complicated to sew as there are few seams, but they had to be sewn by hand due to the nature of the slippery knit material and the very narrow 1/8" seams.

This second photo is just to show how well these "Frightfully Tall Monster High" dolls (17") fit on that couch I bought for the Minifees.

I've sewn a couple more outfits for these dolls but I'm saving them to give to the granddaughter's on Valentine's Day. I'll post pictures after the 14th.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

A Body Swap

A small box arrived from Korea today.

Neelie, Flame and Peanut were eager to check it out. Especially Flame. He had an urgent reason for wanting to free the contents.

In fact he was rather impatient when Peanut paused in the unwrapping to look at the unfamiliar Korean writing on the newspaper used as packaging.

As Peanut and Neelie struggled to dig out the pretty Fairyland Littlefee box Flame was no help at all. He was too busy ---- ---- ---- ----

---- ---- ---- undressing?!!

Neelie was horrified! Just when they were trying to make a good impression on the new arrival Flame had to go and do something like this! 

Peanut, on the other hand, didn't notice. She was too busy reading the new comer's Certificate of Authenticity. I think she's a little jealous. She's old enough that she was born before Fairyland started providing these certificates.

Flame urged Peanut to just forget about it and get on with the box opening. He said he'd been waiting far too long to put up with further delays now ---- ---- ---- and he continued to shuck his clothes.

For you see Flame knew something about this new "girl" that the others didn't. He knew she would arrive sporting a brand new BOY body ---- ---- ---- for him! And he was all for making the trade as quickly as possible. 

Once he got settled into the body of his dreams he passed along the older, slightly used FEMALE model he'd been stuck with these past few months. He could hardly wait to run off to the bathroom to try peeing standing up.

On the way back he stopped by the clothing box and dug out the dress and leggings Auntie Ban sent. He knew for certain that they were comfy and would fit perfectly. He had tried them on that body already you see.

The new girl thanked him for the clothing but shyly asked about the lack of hair. Trust a boy to forget about something like that!

A wig was found and then, feeling a little more at ease, she announced that her name was TINGLE.

Flame took Tingle by that hand and gave her a guided tour of the Tulusson family shelf.

Flame hopes they will be great friends. 

Black and Blah

Week 5 of the Dogwood Photography Challenge is:

Black and white landscape: Look for a scene with great contrast that will make a great black and white.

I personally don't find black and white very inspiring, even when it's done exceptionally well. It's also very dull and grey around here lately so I find this week's challenge rather difficult.