Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eight Feet

Well I certainly didn't expect to weave as much as I did tonight. I'm finished all 8' of the scarf!

Clipping tie rod --

And I've used the clipping tie rod so that I could cut the first scarf off and then quickly retension the remaining warp. Not sure what that will end up being. For now it will just be "yardage".

Clipping tie rod retensioned for next project.

I love the wonderful Saori innovations!

Plum Project

I signed up for a challenge on a Saori weaving thread. I vowed to weave at least a little bit every day.

Inspector Shelby

As I predicted the commitment to do just a little each day has led me to weaving a LOT each day. The Saori loom makes weaving so much fun that once I get going it's hard to stop!


I really appreciate the back saving tools like the cross-holder (not pictured), the reed/harness stand, and the easily removed harnesses.

Threaded heddles

The warp for this scarf project is all from freebees I picked up at a guild exchange. The purple is three threads that were wound together into a large ball. Two of the threads are what appears to be a 2/8 cotton, the third thread is a cotton chenille I think. In addition to that ball I added in a novelty ladder yarn also picked up free at the guild exchange..

January 29, 2014

The warp was "free", but I really paid for that in a terrible mess of tangles that I had to fight with throughout the beaming on. I didn't realize when I was winding the warp, but those three purple threads were wound around each other in the ball.

Stopping for the night.

For weft I am using a very fine merino/cashmere/silk from Colourmart.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Settling In To Family Life

The secondhand Fairyland Minifee Yder has arrived and is settling in nicely. He's a space travelling elf. He says his name is Zenawii but family and close friends often call him "Zen".

Fitting well so far

His sweater is still a work in progress, at chart row 50 now, but at this scale it's slow going. I'm usually only able to manage a couple of rows a day. Luckily Zenawii seems to be a very patient guy as he's also waiting on a wig and a body of his own. The ones he's currently using are borrowed.

Trying out family dynamics.

His gradual, piece by piece arrival doesn't seem to have prevented him from settling in with his family but I think next time he'll request that he be beamed planetside all at once rather than a bit at a time!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Progress is Slow

Work on the miniaturized Armas sweater is slow. I can usually only manage 2 rows per sitting.

Armas in progress

I'm as far as row 29 on the chart.

first 29 rounds of chart

The colour of the handspun yarn is most accurately represented in the next picture.

most accurate colour

I am beginning to have hope that the cables will actually show once the work is complete and blocked.

slow progress

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Emerging Cables

My model was caught admiring the emerging cables.

Admiring the emerging cables.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Knit for a Bit

I decided I wanted to do some knitting for an incoming character. Only a "character" because it will not be a full doll --- I purchased just a head. LOL

At least for the time being the character will remain just a head, but I'll occasionally borrow a body for photo shoots. The borrowed body will need clothing so I've started knitting a sweater in a style that I hope will be appropriate.

Cabled Minifee sweater in handspun

This is being knit from a full sized "human" pattern but miniaturized by using laceweight yarn and 1.25mm needles (US size 0000) for a gauge of 15 stitches to the INCH.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Nearly the Same

I felt like crocheting the other day and went to my supply of size 30 crochet thread and found my .75mm hook to make a new dress for Penny.


Only after getting it nearly completed did I notice that it looked awfully familiar.


Turns out it is very similar to one I made for Jopetto's Nappy Choo, Patti-Cake back in May of 2013.


Similar, but NOT identical. The one for Patti-Cake had an all white yoke while this one has a yoke that is blue with white trim.


I guess I must really like this combination of colours.

New Nappy Choo Dress

Or could it be that my stash of size 30 cotton is really limited?

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Dresses for the Ghouls

These little hand knit sheath dresses are kind of fun to knit so I've made a couple more.


One for Cleo de Nile, done in a handspun merino and silk with a softly varying colourway.


The other one is for Lagoona Blue. 


This one is knit in an acrylic yarn that has added sparkle.


It's one of those Lion Brand "Bon Bons".


 The pattern is a generous freebee by Jane Conway and is available on Ravelry.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Feels SO Good!

It feels great to finally get the Christmas decorations all packed up and put away. I kept them up a little longer than usual this year because the granddaughters loved them so much and didn't want Christmas to end. I love the decorations when they first go up but after Christmas I'm always anxious to get beyond the "clutter" of Christmas and back to normal routines. It was hard to hold off until after New Years!

Ready for Storage

We purchased a few bulky decorations this year and even with adding the smaller storage box I had to fit things in like a puzzle. I managed to get it all in there though (not including the GIANT box the tree goes in of course).

Well, there is still this! ----

The Trouble With Poinsettias

What is it with poinsettias anyway? Some years they barely make it to Christmas, dropping their lower leaves and looking mighty bedraggled by the big day, and then other years the season comes and goes and the plant lives on and on. Now I'm faced with the prospect of throwing out a plant that is still quite healthy and yet looks totally out of place as January marches along.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Built and Smashed

The granddaughters were here today. They built and smashed this gingerbread house all in one day.

Gingerbread house before the smashquake.

They had built one earlier in the Christmas season and I think that one lasted a little longer. This time it was more about the eating than it was about the building.